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Inland Freight

Service Details

Although the term 'inland freight' has a broad legal definition, the most basic form of inland freight transportation involves the moving of merchandise and commodities cargo on land. Shippers may initially send cargo by ship or plane but often must also transport it by land to reach a client's intended destination. There are various forms of inland freight transportation used by freight services.
One of the oldest forms of inland freight transport is the railway system. Cargo containers are made so that they can fit on cargo ships and then be attached to train cars. Not all freight shipments may be large enough to require an entire shipping container and some may not have far enough to travel to warrant a train ride. Therefore, some inland freight shipping is conducted via trucks or semis. No matter what your inland freight transport needs may be, TMB USA INC. can carry out any task for you quickly and reliably.
Moving inland freight can be complicated because it involves various forms of transport. It is the responsibility of the freight transport company to keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations regarding inland cargo transport. TMB USA INC. takes this responsibility seriously. We learn and adapt to changing policies so that our services, which operate out of Miami, FL, remain quick, efficient, and free of the headaches caused by bureaucratic mishaps.
Your freight may need to be shipped by land, sea, air, or by a combination of modalities. In this case, as with any other case, you can trust us at TMB USA INC. to get your cargo where it needs to go, on time and intact. Get in touch with us for more information!