8611 N.W. 72ND STREET DORAL, FL 33166 , USA vanessar@tmb-usa.com

Office Address

  • 8611 N.W. 72ND STREET DORAL, FL 33166, USA
  • vanessar@tmb-usa.com
  • Office phone: (305) 720-7295
  • Cell Number: (786) 587-3785

Storage and Distribution

Service Details

TMB USA Inc. In this area, you have a consecrated experience and one of the best storage and handling controls for effectiveness in the process of distribution and shipping of your goods.
We have a very effective control system or program, which allows you to also have access at any time to verify the status and arrival of your cargo, to later take joint decisions for its handling and final destination.
Also as statistical data we have;

  • bond warehouse license (10 business days)
  • repacking
  • cargo segregation
  • timber products inspection for wooden boxes (we made crate)
  • logistics (photos, labeling, scanners, hazmat inspections)
TMB USA inc. With the intention of improving through time, we will put all our experience and dedication to deliver the indicated service for you.